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A menubar / taskbar app for tracking your visitors using Google Analytics in real time. (for Mac and Windows)

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Real time stats

A total number of real time visitors will be displayed right in your menubar / taskbar.

Quick Dashboard

You don't need to open Google Analytics, Gabar has a quick report dashboard that includes the most useful statistics you want to see.

Real time reporting

The real time report displays information includes total active users, top active pages together with number of active users.

Quick Dashboard

The dashboard shows the statistics for Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Session Duration in different time ranges likes today, yesterday, last 7 days and last 28 days.

Tracking multiple sites

Don't need to switch back and forth between different sites on Google Analytics because Gabar supports for tracking multiple sites at once.

Setup traffic alerts

With the alert feature you will never missed traffic spikes when started a new campaign or launched a new product.

Fast and lightweight

The app is designed to be fast and lightweight so that you can run it all day everyday without affecting the performance of your system.

Data Privacy

We never store any of your traffic data. We never use your traffic data for any experiments of any sorts.

We're constantly adding new features
Here's what our users are saying:
I wanted a dedicated app to monitor my website traffics and use it everyday. Gabar made this simple and elegant. Thanks, guys.
Vincent Denise
Maker & Co-Founder at
It's by far the best app I've come across to get Google Analytics right on my menubar. Do yourself and your time a favor and get Gabar.
Eric Lima
founder of
Gabar is fantastic. As a digital marketer, I can no longer imagine my day-to-day job without it.
Dominik Porada
Digital Marketer at
This is a great little app that packs a punch. Real time visit counter and quick reporting dashboard are the killer features for me.
Jonno Riekwel
Web Master
Saves your time for checking traffic usually! If you care about your time and your tools quality, you'll love it ❤️
Mo Rajabifard
Co-founder of
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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
We're confident you'll love using our app! That's why we back every sale with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you're somehow not happy with your purchase, just let us know.